Monday, February 18, 2008

Plain Jane

Pretty boring wine week. The Geyser Peak, Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley 2002 (from California) I thought might be good - their reserve wines are usually pretty good. This one starts out OK - classic cab blackberries with rough tannins, pretty full bodied and a moderately long finish. Blinded I might have called it "old world" (??is that an insult or a compliment!). The more time it spent airing out, the more the yummy blackberry fruit became apparent. By the next day it was actually quite nice. A "good" wine, drink it with meat. No reason to buy any more at $20 a pop.
The Olsen, Merlot, Margaret River, 2004 did the opposite. Much fleshier than the Geyser at first (it tasted rather like a Chilean Red) it became weedier and more vegetal with glass time. After 4 hours it actually became unpleasant. Overall, I guess it's "OK", absolutely no reason to buy any more at $18.
Ho-hum. Time for a good wine night sometime soon....


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