Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tasty New Argentine Offerings

SAQ had a sale on, a whole 10%!!  So off we went to try out some new offerings.
 A bunch of Argentine wines got my attention, scoring between 90-92 points WS.
First up was the 25/5, Desierto, Cab. Franc, La Pampa, 2009.  14.9%.  Smells like no other CF I've had, with a nose of cranberry sauce and apples.  It's racy, acidic, medium bodied, with a sharp finish, but perhaps a bit simple.  The fruit is light fleshed plums.  No CF herbal/green pepper notes here.
This wine sang with the wood-grilled pork chops.  Good wine, good value at $17.

Next up is the Colome, Estate Malbec, 2010 from Salta.  Now this is a high altitude vineyard, up to 9500 feet!  This winery is championed by the WS columnist Matt Kramer.  Intense malbec nose with watermelon.  Intense fruit on the palate as well - fresh black figs.  Dark, dense and full bodied but not chewy at all.  Hides it's tannins well.  The oak (15 months 1st and 2nd use barrels) is so well integrated you wouldn't guess it was there.  Very easy drinking, sails right along.  Better with food though - mutes the bright notes and makes it more enjoyable.  14.5%, $25.  Good wine.
Last was the Achaval Ferrer, Malbec, 2011, Mendoza.  The generic bottling from this malbec specialist.  A more floral nose than the prior two wines.  Smells like walking into a florist shop - violets and freesias. Racy and zippy, the flowers stay on the palate like nectar.  The most intense wine of the three.  Full bodied but carries less weight than the Colome.  Went well with the salad dressed with aged balsamic, moreso than with the pork. 14.5%, $24.  Good wine also.
So none of the wines hit the "wow" factor, although all were enjoyable.